Total Effective Control Without Ozone.

Our products perform effective control over the five major concerns within the food and manufacturing industries. These being Listeria, C ester, Botrytis, Aspergillus and Neurosproa.

African Swine Fever Control.

We provide a safe and economical environmentally friendly solution to your air quality issues. It can be applied in HVAC-Systems or as in-room air treatment units. It sterilizes atmosphere to clinical standards – up to 99.99999999% in one pass and reduces VOC`s and odours to virtually undetectable levels.

Botrytis And Neurosproa Control.

We can effectively control both botrytis and neurosproa within your food plant with the introduction of our Orion Industrial air management control system.

Reduction In The Cost Of Positive Air.

Our Orion Industrial products can reduce the cost of your plants positive air expense by as much as 50% over conventional positive air supply methods.

Control Of Listeria and C.ester.

Orion products are effective in the prevention & control of Listeria and the spore forming bacterium Clostridium Estertheticum and can be operated during production for total control but with complete safety for the workforce.

Our Products A Brief Explanation

Orion combine its technology with new filtration technology to create a very powerful and effective air treatment system. Firstly, electricity generates a non-thermal plasma energy field through a series of high voltage emitters. The plasma energy is safely contained within the air unit. As air flows through the plasma field any micro-organisms present in the atmosphere are completely destroyed at a cellular level. The units are capable of destroying all manner of biological and chemical contaminates through this process known as ´molecular ripping´. The plasma energy is so powerful that it literally shatters the cell walls rendering any viable molecule completely inert and harmless to humans. Secondly, Quantum is a super-efficient electrostatically charged filtration media which traps any residual matter exiting the plasma field. Quantum's design allows air to flow freely through thousands of tiny channels minimising back pressure down to just a few Pascals. And because of this Quantum is much more energy efficient than traditional fibre filters. Quantum in conjunction with plasma energy is easily capable of arresting sub micron particles. The units wherever fitted reduce odours and VOCs, kills bacteria, destroys viruses, traps allergens and reduces humidity. It improves guest comfort, helps prevent illness and cuts energy and maintenance costs.