Centurion Spatial Air Sterilising System

Destroys airborne bacteria, mould spores and eliminates odours.

The Orion Centurion portable sterilising unit has been developed for use in Meat Industry environments where large areas require the quick efficient removal of hazardous air conditions as well as a reduction of airborne bacterial and viral loading. Removes endospores including C-ester

Other uses include decontamination of transportation units, to facilitate quick turn-around of containers and vehicles where cross contamination of chemicals, Odours or Biohazards preclude multiple usage.


  • This system provides particulate removal down to 0.1 of a micron
  • Kills all 4 families of virus to greater than Log 10 in a single pass through the machine 99.99999999%
  • Completely safe to use in occupied areas with no risk assessment  required. NO OZONE
  • Removes and destroys all airborne Bio – Hazards including harmful components of smoke
  • Actively destroy Bacteria, Mould, Yeasts up to Log 6 99.9999%
  • High Efficiency single-speed fan motors deliver up to 1000 m3/hr
  • Higher Airflow rate than conventional systems
  • Completely washable filters

Orion Centurion Specifications

Orion CenturionElectrical Ratings
Orion Electrostatic Quantum Filter Medium fitted on both inlet and outlet for particle removal down to 0.1 of a micron230v AC, 50Hz Single Phase or 115v AC 60Hz Single Phase
Rated at 3 Amps
Power consumption 130 watts
Effective Kill Rates (Single Pass)Electrical Connection
Bacteria, Mould & Spores up to Log 6 reduction;
Viral up to Log 10 reduction. Ideal for maturation chillers used for dry aging
The unit is switched on/off using the fused illuminated IEC connector switch fitted on the right hand side of the unit
Construction & ColourAir Volume Treated
Laser cut, fabricated 316 stainless steel chassis
Internal components protected to IP66. Weight 13kg
Upto 1000 m3 /hour C.A.D.R

To download a specification sheet in Microsoft Word format please CLICK HERE.

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