ORION Industrial



The Orion Industrial portable sterilising units have been developed for use in environments where large areas require the quick efficient removal of hazardous air conditions as well as a reduction of airborne bacterial and viral loading.
Other uses include decontamination of transportation units, to facilitate quick tum-around of containers and vehicles where cross contamination of chemicals, Odours or Biohazards preclude multiple usage.
• This system provides particulate removal from 0.1 – 7 microns depending on requirements.
• Removes and destroys all airborne Bio – Hazards including harmful components of smoke and other VOCs.
• Actively destroy Bacteria, Mould, Yeasts up to Log 6.
• High Efficiency single-speed fan motors deliver up to 5400 m3/hr.
• Higher Airflow rate than conventional systems.
• Through flow system gives powerful directional airflow • Choice of either pre-filter and/or post-filter depending upon operating requirement.